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An online and photo-panel exhibit created by the Newberry Library for the cnetennial of the Plan of Chicago

Rerouting the Metropolis

Moving Passengers

The Plan of Chicago proposed moving passenger train stations farther from the Loop to reduce unpleasant sights, sounds, smells, and congestion. Relocating railroad activity would also clear space for the business district to expand. Twelfth Street (Roosevelt Road) was to be widened and landscaped as a site for several stations. Fronting the stations on the boulevard would make them readily accessible to foot traffic. This specific proposal was not completed.

"Chicago. Proposed Twelfth Street Boulevard at its Intersection with Michigan Avenue and Ashland Avenue," Plan of Chicago, plate CXXI. Chicago History Museum

Union Station, Chicago, 1925. Chicago History Museum, ICHi-31909

A new Union Station was built one block west of its former location, serving lines that were hidden from view by new streets and structures built over them.