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Grafted Crystalline Mesh  [Dirk Denison Architects]

The Plan of Chicago was a comprehensive, regional proposal. But its most recognizable results are smaller interventions including the double-decked Wacker Drive and the Paris-inspired boulevard of North Michigan Avenue. These pieces related to the Plan’s broader concepts, but they became catalysts for development in specific parts of the city. Today, Chicago’s designers often conceive smaller proposals meant to spur future development in a similar way.

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Big. Bold. Visionary. Chicago Considers the Next Century.

Friday, September 4 – Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daniel Burnham's 1909 Plan of Chicago did more than provide a vision for Chicago in the 20th century. It established a precedent of dreaming big and thinking boldly that every generation of Chicagoans since has firmly embraced. This exhibition taps current Chicago architects, planners, and landscape architects for their visions of the city and region in the 21st century and beyond. [MORE]

Chicago Tourism Center Gallery
72 E. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL

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Plan for 21st Century Chicago

Zoka Zola

Edible Urban Landscapes

Studio 1032

Chicago Velodrome


EN GEN/CON Landscapes

Burnham 100x100

New Loop Ecologies

Garofalo Architects

Green River Pattern Book

Hitchcock Design Group


Burnham 100x100


Wheeler Kearns


Holabird & Root


Ross Barney Architects

Urban Agriculture

Burnham 100x100


Searl Lamaster Howe

Grant Park Quadrifons

Thomas Norman Rajkovich Architect

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