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The Polk Bros. Foundation Center for Chicago Education at DePaul University is dedicated to expanding the capacity of Chicago Public Schools serving students in poverty-area communities. The emphasis of the Center's work is on the enhancement of teachers through jpreparation and in-service education training and school-wide progress through prinicpal and parent involvement. Since 1990, the Center has established a positive national reputation and has become a significant partner for educational progress with individual Chicago Public Schools, area offices and the entire school systen.

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Centennial Activities

Bold Plans Big Dreams Education Initiative

Burnham Plan Centennial Committee

The Burnham Plan Centennial Committee, with the generous support of the Polk Bros. Foundation, is collaborating with the DePaul Center for Urban Education and Chicago Public Schools to transform the way children learn about their communities, enrich their understanding of the region and engage a new generation in planning for our future. [MORE]

Bold Plans Big Dreams Demonstration Schools

Burnham Plan Centennial Committee

Recognizing an exceptional commitment to make “Chicago progress” central to the Chicago Public Schools’ literacy, social sciences, and social emotional learning curriculum, 32 Chicago Public Schools were competitively selected to participate in a year-long Bold Plans. Big Dreams. Demonstration Schools program that will benefit their students and schools, and serve as models for others throughout the city and region.

Demonstration School Benefits [MORE]

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