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Teamwork Englewood is a leadership organization formed in 2003 through the joint efforts of St. Bernard Hospital, Greater Englewood Parish United Methodist Church and Pullman Bank (now Park Bank) as a vehicle for comprehensive community development. Its first task was to organize the Englewood community planning process that is a requirement of LISC/Chicago’s New Communities Program (NCP). Our mission is to aid and encourage positive development by engaging in joint ventures, direct investment and advocacy on behalf of the community.

Partner Category: Neighborhood or Community Development Organization

Centennial Activities

Englewood Open Space Plan and New E.R.A. Trail


A community-wide planning process at the grassroots level in Chicago’s south side Englewood neighborhood has undertaken a comprehensive plan to combine public open space amenities with green development. This multi-objective initiative is an outstanding example of the Centennial’s Green Legacy Projects because it expands neighborhood green space, adds to the region’s trail system and uses green infrastructure to renew a neighborhood’s environment and spirit. [MORE]

Teamwork Englewood

Website: http://www.teamworkenglewood...

Teamwork Englewood
815 W. 63rd Street
Chicago, IL 60621
773-602-4510 (fax)
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Contact: Rodney Walker, Executive Director, 773-602-4507,

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