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On December 2, 1997 Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley convened a meeting of mayors representing the Chicago region’s nine suburban municipal associations. The original intent of this meeting was to discuss the continued economic health of the metropolitan area, but much more than a plan for economic cooperation emerged.  During five hours of deliberation and discussion, the spark and spirit of cooperation ignited a much bigger idea - the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus - which provides a forum for discussion, cooperation, consensus, and change.

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Centennial Activities

Greenest Region Compact

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus

The Caucus will work with Mayors and communities throughout the region to adopt The Greenest Region Compact  - an initiative to voluntarily improve the region’s air, water and land, reduce greenhouse gases, minimize waste, and reduce energy consumption.  The Greenest Region Compact challenges local governments to take action within their own operations and practices, and to provide the tools and resources to enable residents to take action as well.


Metropolitan Mayors Caucus
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