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Throughout its history, The John Marshall Law School has upheld a tradition of diversity, innovation and opportunity, and has consistently provided an education that combines an understanding of the theory, the philosophy and the practice of law. Founded in 1899, The John Marshall Law School today is proud to be recognized as a dynamic independent law school, promoting excellence in all aspects of legal education.

During this Burnham Plan Centennial year, John Marshall has and will continue to offer new courses and academic programs celebrating the  Bold Plans and Big Dreams of Chicago's future. For a full overview of program and course offerings click here.

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Centennial Activities

Courses for Law Students and Attorneys

John Marshall Law School

John Marshall Law School's byline “At Work in Chicago,” provides tremendous opportunities to include a perspective on the Burnham Plan in a variety of law school classes and curriculum. During the Academic Year 2008-2009, the Law School is offering 15+ courses related to the Burnham Plan. [MORE]

John Marshall Law School Burnham Centennial Student Writing Competition

John Marshall Law School

In 1909, Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett collaborated with the Commercial Club of Chicago and others to create a new plan for the greater Chicago region. One hundred years later, now, the challenges of increased congestion and pollution, loss of public lands, and growing disparity of wealth, give added urgency to Burnham's call to act regionally, comprehensively, and boldly. [MORE]

Thursday, October 1, 2009 noon to 2:00pm

Law As Hidden Architecture

John Marshall Law School

Real estate analyst/zoning attorney Richard Roddewig gives a lunchtime multimedia presentation focusing on the seldom-told story of the Appendix at the back of the Burnham Plan. Titled “Legal Aspects of the Plan of Chicago,” the appendix expands upon the legal history related to implementation of the Plan since 1909. Interestingly, the legal Appendix is longer than any of the eight chapters in the Plan itself! [MORE]

Thursday, March 5, 2009 7:30am to 10:30am

The Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit and the Modern Cityscape

John Marshall Law School

In the 100 years following Burnham’s extraordinary plan, Chicago’s cityscape has evolved and has been modernized.  Throughout this modernization, efforts have been made by preservationists and real estate developers to preserve and rehabilitate the historic beauty of Chicago’s cityscape.  [MORE]

Friday, November 20, 2009 1:15pm to 5:00pm

Water as a Resource: Impact on Real Estate Ownership, Development and Land Use Policy

John Marshall Law School

The Burnham Plan Centennial Kratovil Conference on Real Estate Law & Practice will explore the relationship between water scarcity and ownership of real estate in regions other than the American West. [MORE]

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