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Centennial Activities

Thursday, October 8, 2009 noon to 1:00pm

Finding Burnham in the Archives: Spiritual Revelations and the Plan of Chicago

Swedenborg Library

Daniel Burnham's views on architecture and his ideas for the city are more fully revealed in his notes, letters and drafts than in the published Plan of Chicago. These materials enrich our understanding not only of the public architect and planner, but also disclose the religious beliefs and moral values of the private man. [MORE]

Project Nomad

The Elements Group

Inspired by the architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his historic Farnsworth House, Project Nomad is a modern mobile nature and environmental learning center designed to be transported to and temporarily displayed in urban parks and open space areas.  Project Nomad contains resources and interactive features on nature, green living and sustainability, including information and materials of the Chicago Center for Green Technology, the Chicago Park District, the City of Chicago's Department of Environment and other Chicago-based nature-oriented museums and institutions. 

The spatial moment of power: urban design proposals for the Chciago Circle Interchange

Illinois Institute of Technology

This historical moment demands that we leverage the urban potential of Chicago's rise to the center of international attention. In this urban design studio, we are envisioning the center of Chicago as a center of the world- what the sociologist Saskia Sassen has called a "spatial moment of power." Our site for intervention is the Chicago Cirble Interchange. We have taken three events as a starting point for our studies: [MORE]

Visions for the Future

Illinois Institute of Technology

The Systems Course at IIT's Institute of Design  will charge five teams of graduate design students to project the future for Chicago and, by extension, major cities around the world. The teams will explore the new and powerful forces, both destructive and constructive, that confront cities and society.

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