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In 2003, the City of Waukegan adopted an award-winning master plan entitled A 21st Century Vision for Waukegan's Downtown and Lakefront. Encompassing approximately 1,400 acres, including Lake Michigan shoreline property, the master plan presents a bold vision for the revitalization of the downtown area, and the transformation of hte formerly industrial lakefront with open space and residential uses. The plan earned the Metropolitan Planning Council's 2005 Burnham Award for Excellence in Planning for its sensitive treatment of this vast stretch of the Lake Michigan shoreline, contributing to the enhancement of the region's greatest natural and recreational asset.

The City's master plan incorporates a framework for the creation of new open space comprising nearly 700 acres of the redevelopment area that will result in maximizing the public's access to the water's edge, the restoration of the ravines, beachfront and dunes, and the ecological restoration of the lakefront environment. The natural habitat of Waukegan's lakefront includes a richness and diversity of plant material, some so unique that it is found only in Waukegan, at Illinois Beach State Park and in Siberia, Russia.

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Centennial Activities

Beachfront Interpretive Signage and Boardwalk

City of Waukegan

The City of Waukegan will develop a beachfront boardwalk and interpretative signage project under the open space legacy category. It reflects the first phase in the beachfront restoration process which will advance new open space preserves of regional significance, and increase public access to the lakefront. The first-stage physical project will protect the parking lot and the bathing beach. The City's consultant, Conservation Design Forum, has designed a concept plan freaturing an access boardwalk with split rail fencing and interpretative signage.

Exhibit : Friday, June 26, 2009 to Thursday, November 26, 2009

Waukegan Lakefront-Downtown Master Plan Exhibit

City of Waukegan

The City of Waukegan has developed a photopanel exhibit to showcase Waukegan's award-winning master plan, corresponding to the Centennial's program objectives to inspire and educate and initiate bold plans. The exhibit gives visitors a chance to experience the bold, expansive regional plan on several different scales, and showcase the future vision. Also, it provides information about the status of implementation within the master plan redevelopment area. [MORE]

Waukegan Open Space

City of Waukegan

Waukegan’s plan for transforming its downtown and lakefront is like a modern-day Burnham Plan. [MORE]

City of Waukegan

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