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C U P (Competitions Unite People) is a collaborative team of architects & academics that assembles for professional research. The project types and locations vary, but all of the work is public in nature and acts as a model of education for alternative practice.  CUP members are active in: Blacksburg, Virginia; Boston; Chicago; Cook, Minnesota;  Los Angeles; New York; Phoenix; Sheffield, Massachusetts; Washington, DC; and London.

During the fall, Chicago Studio 1.0 returns to the city, as it has for the last seven years, this year to study adaptive reuse potentials for the Michael Reese Hospital site in collaboration with the Gropius in Chicago Coalition.

Partner Category: Educational Institution

Centennial Activities

Exhibit : Tuesday, June 2, 2009 to Sunday, June 21, 2009

100 Columns + (ABC's: All Burnham Chicago)

C U P & Virginia Polytechnic Institute

A micro-installation in Burnham Park, 100 Columns + represents both turning the clock backward 100 years and forward 100 years. This timeframe gives perspective on the historic events since 1909 and speculates toward all the potential developments ahead for the city of Chicago. The 100 Columns + vision is one of a field or prairie as Chicago once was, but focusing upon urban growth patterns both which were and could be natural and constructed over two hundred years 1909–2109. [MORE]

C U P & Virginia Polytechnic Institute

C U P & Virginia Tech
201K Cowgill Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
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