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The Chicago Reporter, a publication of the Community Renewal Society, was founded in 1972 with a mission of documenting the city's, and later the whole metropolitan area's, struggles with the burning issues of race and poverty. Now in its 35th year the Reporter continues to cover Chicago's streets, neighborhoods and institutions with the aid of computer-assisted reporting.

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Chicago Matters: Beyond Burnham

The Chicago Reporter

Through the Chicago Matters: Beyond Burnham series The Chicago Reporter will provide its unique perspective and voice on the social, economic and political issues of metropolitan Chicago.  Reports, data analyses and storytelling will be captured in vivid magazine packages published in three bimonthly print editions, beginning with our July/August issue.  We will also use our blog and our Web site to break news, update previous stories, and comment on the content provided by our Chicago Matters media partners, WTTW 11, Chicago Public Radio and the Chicago Public Library. [MORE]

The Chicago Reporter

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