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Mercy Home for Boys & Girls is a Catholic organization that ministers to all children and families in need.  Mercy Home saves young lives by providing safe, nurturing homes and the opportunity for an education and means for personal growth.  The organization is sustained by benefactors and is committed to raising public awareness of youth in need and encourages support to help them.

Partner Category: Civic and Non-Profit Organization

Centennial Activities

Burnham Centennial Book of Service

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls

Mercy Home youth will partner with numerous local organizations to provide compassionate service to less advantaged Chicagoans and to beautify the city. Each quarter of service during the Centennial will debut a chapter written in the Book of Service that will be compiled and presented to Mayor Daley for the City of Chicago.  (Summer- December 2009) [MORE]

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls


Mercy Home for Boys and Girls
1140 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60607
312-738-9981 (fax)
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