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Founded in 1948, Know Your Chicago is an annual fall lecture and tour series designed to promote civic awareness and participation. In 2008, the program celebrated “Sixty Years of Civic Engagement.” In partnership with the University of Chicago Graham  School of General Studies, Know Your Chicago fosters an understanding and appreciation of the complexity, diversity, and richness inherent in this great American city.  Know Your Chicago has introduced thousands of participants to a remarkably broad array of topics including education, architecture and design, housing, technology, urban planning and renewal, social change, culture, and the arts. 

Burnham and Bennett’s groundbreaking 1909 Plan of Chicago provided the inspiration for the fall 2008 program which included a tour focused on visionary plans that are shaping Chicago’s quality of life in the 21st century and defining the region’s future.  Plans for the 2009 program, to be announced late in June, will continue to explore and celebrate the Bold Plans Big Dreams of Chicago.

Partner Category: Civic and Non-Profit Organization

Know Your Chicago

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Contact: Sylvia Fergus, 773.702.1727

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