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Formed in 1898, the Geographic Society of Chicago is a not-for-profit organization of local, national, and international scope composed of professional geographers and interested members of the public-at-large. The Society’s mission is to advance the art and science of geography; encourage the study of geography in schools; recognize outstanding achievements in geography; provide leadership on geographic issues; and, to promote public understanding and appreciation of Earth’s peoples and places.

Partner Category: Civic and Non-Profit Organization

Centennial Activities

Monday, June 15, 2009 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Burnham For Beginners

Geographic Society of Chicago

A short walking tour, “Burnham For Beginners” is an introduction to Burnham and Bennett’s 1909 Plan of Chicago. The tour is designed for the general public as a basic introduction to the ideas of the 1909 Plan and the context of its development. Information will be provided in an accessible and informal manner. [MORE]

Geographic Society of Chicago

Website: http://www.geographicsociety...


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