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The Forest Preserve's mission is to hold and maintain lands within Kane County that contribute to the preservation of natural and historic resources, habitats, flora and fauna; and to restore, restock, protect and preserve such lands for the education, recreation and pleasure for all its citizens. Its goal is to preserve and restore the nature of Kane County.

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Fox River Trail

City of Aurora

One of the Burnham Plan Centennial principles for green infrastructure is to connect us to our rivers and streams. Another Green Legacy goal is to complete our region’s trail system. Aurora’s downtown development plan will accomplish both through the creation of RiverEdge Park that will close a downtown gap and complete an uninterrupted 60-mile trail. Great progress has been made during the Centennial toward the closing of the last gap in this green-infrastructure trail that runs the length of Kane County, and through McHenry County to Wisconsin.

Forest Preserve District of Kane County


Forest Preserve District of Kane County
1996 South Kirk Road, Suite 320
Geneva, IL 60134
630-232-5924 (fax)
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