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The purpose of the Council is to plan effective ways for the community to better enjoy their leisure time at Commercial Club Park; to increase the community cooperation and awareness of the existence of Commercial Club Park by involving all segments, e.g. block clubs, churches, schools, etc., in planning and implementing all projects involving maintenance, capital improvements, renovation, expansion, and redesign; and to provide the community with a quality recreational facility that may be utilized by all residents.

Partner Category: Civic and Non-Profit Organization

Centennial Activities

Commercial Club Park Expansion

Commercial Club Park Advisory Council

The Commercial Clube Park Advisory Council will purchase and develop 12 city lots adjacent to the existing Commercial Club park at 1845 W. RIce Street, Chicgao. The project will include land acquisition, soil remediation and landscaping. Should we meet our goals, we hope to commemorate the place of this small park in the Burnham Plan with a ceremonial groundbreaking and, at the completion of the project, a ribbon cutting ceremony. [MORE]

Commercial Club Park Advisory Council

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