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Multimedia Gallery

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Escape to Deer Grove for some quiet time in a serene landscape. Venture out to Millennium Park to experience public art with a purpose. Explore the Chicago of Daniel Burnham's wildest dreams. The image gallery takes you there. Photos are categorized by topic and can be used for myriad purposes. [View All Images]


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Video Gallery

Browse through this gallery to watch short videos about different aspects of the Centennial. From the "Spirit and Intent" of the Burnham Pavilions to clips of media coverage throughout the year, the video gallery offers a new angle on the goals and ideas of the Centennial. [Watch All Videos]  



Online Exhibits

Major cultural institutions throughout the Chicago region have collaborated on exhibitions showcasing Chicago's past, present and future. The online versions of five of these exhibits can be found here. [View All Exhibits]


Learning Resources

The Plan of ChicagoThe Plan of Chicago

The online Encyclopedia of Chicago has a wealth of information including a fully digitized copy of the Burnham Plan. [Learning Resources]

Educational Programs

In and After School (K–16)

Schools and universities throughout the region are developing events and projects during the Burnham Plan Centennial.

Contact us to let us know about other on-line exhibits that may be a good fit for the gallery.

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