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Kid’s Portal

Kids and Community

Explore how you create communities, how you live in them, and how you change them through different activities on this website.

City Gallery

Is your town a Great Place or a Lousy Place? In City Gallery you can post your pictures, creative writing, and ideas about your town.

Scavenger Hunt

This Scavenger Hunt gives you fun ways to explore your community and make a scrapbook.

Metro Joe

Think you know Chicago and the ‘burbs?  Grab some friends and try out your skills with the Metro Joe Game Show.

Building Big!

There are tons of things to do on this site. Try your hand at building bridges, fixing skyscrapers and digging tunnels.

World's Columbian Exposition Tour

Use your mouse to take a virtual tour of The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893.

Educators Resource Guide

The Burnham Plan Centennial:
Bold Plans. Big Dreams

Incorporate the study of metropolitan Chicago into daily teaching with this collection of resources that links to lessons, activities and multiple educational resources across a variety of academic disciplines. [Download PDF or View Program  On-Line]

Feature Resources

The Plan of ChicagoThe Plan of Chicago

The online Encyclopedia of Chicago has a wealth of information including a fully digitized copy of the Burnham Plan.

Cloumbian Exposition

The Columbian Exposition

Explore Daniel Burnham’s vision of an ideal city with an interactive map of the World’s Fair of 1893.

Metro joeWho is Metro Joe?

Think you know Chicago and the 'burbs?  Play this online game that challenges your knowledge of the Chicago region. 

The Burnham Blog

Several articles were written about Centennial education programs throughout 2009 on the Burnham Blog. To read these articles and browse other related posts, click here.

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