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Green Legacy Projects

Our region’s communities are connected through a network of open spaces and natural areas in what is called the green infrastructure. The Burnham Plan Centennial, with the nonprofit organization Openlands, identified 21 Green Legacy Projects to close critical gaps in this infrastructure and continue to expand the green vision of the Plan of Chicago.

These projects are separated into three categories – trails, shoreline and open space – and span the three-state region from southeastern Wisconsin through Illinois to northwestern Indiana. All of the projects build on many years of hard work by civic organizations, community residents, foundations and government.

Beyond Boundaries - Creating a Healthy Green Region

By: Clarion New Media

Creating Tomorrow's Green Region

The Burnham Plan Centennial

In celebration of the 21 Green Legacy Projects and their successes throughout the year, the Burnham Plan Centennial published "Creating Tomorrow's Green Region." This booklet showcases the projects, explains the progress made this year, and highlights the next steps needed to preserve, protect and expand the region's green infrastructure. [View booklet]


The Centennial was a catalyst for realizing Burnham’s vision for a region-wide system of parks and open space.

Feature Partner: Openlands

Openlands took the lead in working with land management partners to advance a series of Green Legacy Projects that celebrate the lasting influence of Burnham Plan principles and provide a new set of directions.
[View All Openlands Projects]

Green Legacy Projects

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The Burnham Blog

To read all blog postings by Patrick T. Reardon related to the Green Legacy projects, click here.

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