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John Marshall Law School's byline “At Work in Chicago,” provides tremendous opportunities to include a perspective on the Burnham Plan in a variety of law school classes and curriculum. During the Academic Year 2008-2009, the Law School is offering 15+ courses related to the Burnham Plan.

They include: Administrative Law; Affordable Housing; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Constitutional Law; Lawyering Skills- Legislation; Lawyering Skills Drafting Real Estate; Property; Civil Rights; First Amendment; Cultural Property and Museum Law; Environmental Law; Environmental controls and Concerns Affecting Real Estate; Land Use Controls; Local Government; and Public Law Litigation. The courses are open to law students and to practicing attorneys who may elect to register to earn mandatory continuing legal education credit. For a complete listing of the courses please click here.

John Marshall also introduced two new courses to the curriculum to celebrate the Burnham Plan Centennial year:

Historic Preservation Law will be taught in Fall 2009 by two distinguished adjunct faculty members in the field - Jason Friedman, Executive Vice President – Project Development at Friedman Properties, Ltd., and Peter Friedman, Partner at Holland & Knight.  The course will examine historic preservation laws and incentive programs, focusing on the transactional process of preserving and rehabilitating historic buildings.

Natural Resources Law course will be taught in Spring 2010. Historic Resources Law will examine the various aspects of natural resources law and how that body of law affects the development and use of real estate, including the economics of natural resources law, the sources of natural resources law, ownership of natural resources, management of commodity resources (timber, minerals and water), land use and development, conservation efforts and the impact of these efforts on development and renewable natural resources. 

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