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2016 (and beyond)

 2016 (and beyond): Map of Open Space  [Tigerman McCurry ]

 2016 (and beyond): Map of emerging linear city  [Tigerman McCurry ]

 2016 (and beyond): Map of Urban Farming  [Tigerman McCurry ]

 2016 (and beyond): Map of Pedestrian Connections  [Tigerman McCurry ]

 2016 (and beyond): Map of Linear City  [Tigerman McCurry ]

Stanley Tigerman
Tigerman McCurry

2016 (and beyond)

Over time, Chicago’s density has compressed to have the many be as close as possible to Lake Michigan – a linear city. 2016 (and beyond) considers a growth strategy that de-accessions the low-density portions of the city while encouraging greater density along the environmentally enticing edges of the Lake and Chicago River. Over twenty year increments, the plans show the effects of this pattern, which re-defines Chicago along its natural edges, while permitting urban farming within blocks of denser, more ecologically responsible infrastructure.

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