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Our Region's Transportation History and Future through Policy and Maps

Burnham 100 Bulletin
Bold Plans Big Dreams
October 10, 2009
Chicago as the Nation's Crossroads:
Our Region's Transportation History and Future through Policy and Maps

Speakers: James R. Akerman, The Newberry Library;
Joseph P. Schwieterman, DePaul University

Orland Park Public Library
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
7:00 pm

A historian of maps and a transportation planning expert join forces to explore Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett's treatment of transportation in the Plan of Chicago and to examine the region's role as the crossroads of America. Burnham and Bennett clearly understood Chicago's strategic location as a transportation hub for the region and the nation, and their vision has profound implications for the city and region today. What are the Plan's transportation legacies and where are we planning to take them? How can maps, those rich sources of transportation information, help us better grasp Chicago's position as the nation's crossroads and the place of transportation in American history and culture? How will transportation's changing role affect the way we travel?


The Burnham Plan Centennial
Bold Plans. Big Dreams.

The Burnham Plan Centennial
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